Wanderer's Amulet: cloisonné lotus

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A one of a kind sterling silver pendant with a compass inspired setting for the adventurer! This piece is just as beautiful and ornate on the back as it is on the front.


The process of cloisonné enameling is a slow but careful process. I add layers grain by grain then fire in the kiln after each layer to achieve a clear and bright color. This piece is set in a fine and sterling silver setting. Because they are made with enamels, they will never tarnish, change color from the sun or water, be affected by chemicals, etc, so this piece of wearable art will shine bright forever! This cloisonné enamel gem features vibrant 24k gold fired right into it so it will never tarnish and peel away.

This piece was made in my studio in Redwood City, California.

This pendant comes with a sterling silver 20” chain. I also include a pro polishing pad so that you can keep all of your silver jewelry tarnish-free and bright!

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