How to Care for Your Silver Jewelry

How to Care for Your Silver Jewelry

You're looking at your jewelry collection and noticing that your pieces could use a little TLC... 

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Let's talk about some easy, quick things you can do at home to remove the tarnish AND some habits to make sure your jewels don't get damaged!


⫸What types of jewelry can you shower/sweat/sleep in?

    Ideally, it's best to not shower, swim, or sweat in any metal jewelry... However, a few types of metal will be fine with the exposure to water! Solid gold (not plated), stainless steel and platinum will all survive a shower or your workout. Sterling silver can be worn, but should be dried immediately after and will likely need a polish sooner than later if it's being exposed to water regularly. 


⫸When do you need to take off your engagement ring?

Normal daily tasks usually don't affect your engagement ring (assuming it is solid gold and has a hard stone like a diamond). Soft stones like opals, emeralds, or alternatives like pearls are all more delicate and you'll need to be careful what you're doing with your hands! Moisturizing your hands with lotion can cause buildup on the ring, as does getting makeup or products on it. Cooking also falls in this category because germs and bacteria can get lodged in the little crevices of your ring. Above anything else though, don't wear your ring for a swim! Cold water can shrink your fingers and the ring can slip right off. Chlorine in pools is also super damaging to your jewelry. Lastly, be careful for activities like working out and showering where there is potential to harm the metal or the stone. Though gold is strong, it is also soft enough that it can be affected by different activities and bent. In the shower, your diamond can get dull from oily soaps and scratched from using exfoliating products. 

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⫸What do you need to take off before showering or sleeping?

For showering, it's best to get in the habit of taking off all your jewels to avoid the chemicals and potential for something falling off and going down the drain. For sleeping, it's really up to you! The likelihood of your jewelry being damaged isn't very high, so if you're comfortable and it doesn't bother you, sleeping with your jewelry on isn't super risky. However, it's possible that metal components can bend. As a general room of thumb to avoid something poking you in the middle of the night, taking off your jewelry is usually best.

⫸How should you store your jewelry?

There are a few ways you can store your jewelry to keep them safe and avoid getting tarnished. They should be stored away from the sun, and ideally somewhere with low humidity (so not in your bathroom!). You can put little silica bags or anti tarnish strips in your jewelry box to help absorb excess humidity in the air, as well. Jewelry boxes that are lined with felt will also help absorb the excess moisture. 

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⫸SIMPLE solutions for cleaning:

1. Use a jewelry polish pad. Be gentle and lightly buff the metal until it shines bright. 

2. Use mild dish soap, a little bit of warm water, and a soft toothbrush to lightly remove the tarnish. 

3. For heavily tarnished silver, mix 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water. Apply with a lint free cloth to your silver and gently remove the tarnish. Wash with warm water when you're finished!
4. Toothpaste works, too! Apply a bit of white toothpaste (not the gel) to your metal and rub gently with your finger. Wash with warm water.