Jewels for
the Creative soul
and free spirit

Invest in jewelry that will last forever. Carelessly acquiring jewels just take up space in your world. Invest in pieces that will stand the test of time.

Buen Camino Jewelry is a handcrafted jewelry brand created to bring you unique pieces that inspire you to tell your stories no matter where you are in your journey. These jewels are created to embody that same free spirit in each of our individual journeys.

Heirloom quality jewels with a bohemian flair

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Express yourself through jewelry

Illustrative and ornate, Buen Camino Jewelry handmade small batch jewelry is for the creative soul. These are pieces that tell a story and can represent a chapter in your life.

Built to last, all pieces are made with solid metal (nothing plated), and enamel colors will shine as brightly in a million years from now as they do today!

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I purchased a color pop enamel ring and I love how unique it is. The colors are so fresh and vibrant and I love the gold accents. It's just a beautiful piece of art on my hand.

Los Angeles, CA

I bought a pair of painted enamel earrings and can't believe how light they are! They bring my t-shirt and jeans look up a level.

San Jose, CA

I bought a necklace for my daughter's college graduation. It was so unique and I know every time she looks at it, she'll remember the life milestone!

San Antonio, TX

I am OBSESSED with this cuff! I wear it everyday with my Apple watch. It stacks really well with my other bracelets and stands out when I wear it alone!

San Francisco, CA

I didn't want to buy my mom a piece of jewelry that would just fall apart after a few years of wearing it. She loves the necklace and wears it daily!

Santa Cruz, CA

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