How it's made!

I create unique, colorful jewelry using several different enameling techniques such as plique à jour, painting with acrylic and watercolor enamels, cloisonné, and champlevé. Each technique creates very different effects. For instance, plique á jour is one of the most advanced techniques where there is no backing while it fires in the kiln. This allows the light to shine through once the enamel is fired creating a glowing stained glass effect.

With other techniques such as cloisonné and champlevé, I layer very thin layers of enamel at a time, each time requiring a firing in the kiln. The piece can go in the kiln as many as twenty times before it is finished!

I also incorporate stones into my pieces (mostly turquoise). I use metal smithing techniques to set my enamels and stones. I also will use silver metal clay because it is eco-friendly recycled silver with zero waste! The clay can be sculpted and carved by hand and tools just like regular clay, but when fired, it loses the water and binders to form a 100% silver piece.

Living in beautiful Northern California, the colors I use in my work are deeply inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds me. The designs of my enamel pieces are inspired by my passion for illustrations and attention to detail. When creating my designs, I look at tattoos, old ornate jewelry, and my travels as  resources for inspiration and from there, I draw my own design and decide how I will use different techniques to create totally one of a kind pieces.