citrine jewelry and citrine earrings

The Healing Properties of Citrine Jewelry

Citrines are an incredibly beautiful gemstone with their vibrant, sparkling yellow hue.


Did ya know you could use these gemstones to manifest your dreams?


They actually bring you a whole bunch of amazing benefits! Worn by the Ancient Greeks and even loved by Queen Victoria, citrine jewelry was believed to have been so popular because of the healing properties, such as bringing them joy and optimism. 

For extra healing, sit in the sun while wearing your citrine jewelry. Soak up the rays, feel the power of positivity and light seep into your soul.


citrine jewelry


It is also an ideal gemstone for your manifestation rituals. Manifesting your dreams isn’t about sitting around with a citrine necklace, hoping life just gets better. But actively manifesting while incorporating citrines will help you reach your dreams even faster. 

Joy, optimism, dream manifestation

Can you see why I’m so obsessed with this gemstone!?

I create many pieces with citrines, and with each monthly jewelry drop, you can pretty much guarantee at least a few jewels with this gorgeous stone.