the Buen Camino Shell Necklace

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Wear this Silver Shell Pendant as your talisman, reminding you that every step you take is a part of your Buen Camino – your good journey. Let the granulation reflect the intricate details of your own story, and let the silver shell guide you on your unique path, just like those who have walked the Camino de Santiago before you.

Why a shell? Well, it's not just a gorgeous accessory; it's a symbol of the Camino de Santiago, the path of self-discovery and transformation. The shell, known as the Scallop Shell, has been a traditional emblem for pilgrims on this ancient trail. It represents the different routes all leading to one destination – a metaphor for life's diverse adventures converging into a beautiful journey.

This pendant isn't just jewelry; it's a statement, an ode to wanderlust, free spirited vibes, and the spirit of exploration. So, here's to embracing the adventure, dancing to your own rhythm, and looking effortlessly fabulous while doing it.


  • MATERIAL: fine and sterling silver
  • CHAIN: 20" sterling silver


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